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Introduction to the EMC SQUARED® System


EMC SQUARED System products are entering their fourth decade of delivering sustainable technology for highway, transportation infrastructure, earthwork and environmental projects. These stabilization products are in service for industrial and recreational applications as well as for city, county, state and federal agency roads and interstate freeway projects. In many cases this innovative technology is lowering construction costs and reducing environmental impacts while outperforming the conventional products in materials engineering tests and field service. The demand for stabilization is increasing by the day. Aggregate supplies are being exhausted. Haul distances are increasing along with diesel fuel costs. Heavy trucks rapidly deteriorate road service life. Long hauls are increasingly unacceptable to the public agencies responsible for road maintenance and the taxpayers who are subsidizing new development by bearing these costs. Deteriorating air quality in many metropolitan areas is forcing change, and this is already beginning to impact developers and contractors as they are forced to mitigate the impact of large construction projects on air quality. The EMC SQUARED product technology can save resources, improve road performance and dramatically lower construction costs while reducing wear on adjacent public road systems and reducing construction related air pollution. Stabilization Products LLC has a proven answer. Advanced engineering and product technology can have beneficial impact on construction costs, service life and the environment.

As in past centuries, in the history of great scientific progress, it often takes a convergence of advancements in related areas of knowledge and technologies before true breakthroughs are recognized and widely implemented. Stabilization Products LLC continues to advance stabilization technology while the more refined laboratory, field monitoring and design methodology have systematically been introduced into the universe of highway and geotechnical engineering. The advancements in these related disciplines are essential to provide the logical basis for widespread implementation of breakthrough technology. The increasing acceptance of our stabilization technology demonstrates the fact that Stabilization Products LLC offers a far more versatile and sophisticated product technology than the bulk application of cement and lime. EMC SQUARED products are unique in their ability to increase soil strength while retaining natural elasticity, in contrast to stiff and brittle layers that exhibit shrinkage cracking as the result of cement and lime treatments. But most remarkable is the ability of the EMC SQUARED products to also reduce hydraulic conductivity and permeability and effectively treat moisture susceptible aggregate and soil materials. In a time when floods and hurricanes are damaging transportation infrastructure with increasing frequency, the EMC SQUARED System stabilization technology is the most appropriate answer for building resilient infrastructure that can survive these natural disasters.

As former suppliers of aggregate and pavement materials, and as former general engineering contractors involved in road construction, our staff is conversant with the engineers who specify our products and the contractors who install. Stabilization Products LLC’s industry background and technical support are key to the success of a product technology that is reliant upon construction processes that are conducted according to rigorous engineering quality controls. Product and application technology go very much hand-in-hand. Fortunately, the installation process of EMC SQUARED products is faster and requires less specialized machinery than cement and lime treatments, which results in greater cost savings.

Whether it’s a case of replacing aggregate base rock with more economical soil stabilization treatment, treating both aggregate base and soil subgrade layers to reduce the required asphalt pavement section, or extending the service life of newly constructed sections of highway, a track record of success has been established. Applied with appropriate engineering controls, the EMC SQUARED products are highly effective in improving the stability behavior of a broad spectrum of aggregate and soil materials for service applications in a wide variety of climatic conditions. The product technology is both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. It has significant cost advantages over conventional cement and lime treatment. The economics are so favorable that it opens up far greater opportunities for cost-effective application of soil stabilization treatments. In a world with increasing demand on available financial and natural resources, doing more with less is smart business.




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