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Cold Regions and High Altitude Projects


EMC SQUARED System applications can be highly effective in strengthening aggregate materials and treating their moisture and frost susceptibility, so that they retain their full strength in wet and freeze-thaw cycling as well as dry conditions. In cold climate locations, the ability to resist moisture infiltration becomes twice as important as the presence of free water within the untreated aggregate layer leaves the layer subject to damage during the freeze-thaw cycles typical of fall and spring weather conditions. Effective stabilization of aggregate materials in cold regions is a dramatic testimonial to the EMC SQUARED System as these are worst case situations. The reports for the projects located in Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, and mountainous areas in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas address the performance of the EMC SQUARED System stabilization treatments in Cold Region locations with frequent freeze-thaw cycles.


Canadian Success Story


Soil Stabilization Projects in Cold Regions / High Altitude Locations

New Mexico
Interstate 40

North Dakota
Mountrail County

Fort Carson

New Mexico & Texas
Fort Bliss




Stabilization of Aggregate and Full Depth Reclamation Materials in Cold Regions / High Altitude Locations

Pipeline Haul Road

New Mexico & Texas
Fort Bliss

National Forest Service

Lake of the Woods County


New Mexico
Interstate 40 Full Depth Reclamation

New Mexico
Mescalero Apache Reservation

Arizona and Utah
Bureau of Land Management

National Forest Service




Treatment of Moisture and Frost Susceptible Aggregate Materials – Case and Laboratory Studies

An EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate can deliver benefits beyond providing a strengthened and stable aggregate layer that is resistant to seasonal weakening. By effectively treating the moisture and frost susceptibility of an aggregate material, an EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate acts as a moisture barrier and a capillary barrier, cutting off the soils in the native subgrade or embankment below the EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate layer from the atmospheric effects above. In the case of aggregate materials that were not stabilized with the EMC SQUARED System treatment, these atmospheric effects would otherwise be saturating the aggregate materials with rainfall or suctioning moisture upward from groundwater during desiccating weather conditions via capillary action, capillary action that would be moving moisture upward through the soils and aggregate base or aggregate surface course materials. By cutting off atmospheric effects, the EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate acts as a moisture barrier/capillary barrier in the pavement structural section. Capillary action no longer suctions moisture upward through subgrade and embankment soils to endanger their stability during seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. This is the additional benefit, the MULTIPLIER EFFECT. The EMC SQUARED System stabilizer technology is a uniquely effective tool for building greater resiliency into our highway and civil infrastructure.




Stabilization of Soils, Aggregates, and Full Depth Reclamation in Cold Regions / High Altitude Locations

Federal Agency Projects

New Mexico
City of Gallup



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