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Laboratory and Field Test Reports


Sampling of Laboratory
and Field Tests Evaluating
Effectiveness of EMC
SQUARED System Stabilizer

Comparison of Dynamic Modulus and Repeated Load Triaxial Test Results for Typical Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Mixture and EMC SQUARED® Stabilized Aggregate

Treatment of Moisture and
Frost Susceptibility Studies

Summary of Research
Report 3929-1
Subgrade Stabilization



Convergence of Advances in Technologies

Design Methods

Product Technology

Laboratory Testing

Field Testing



Field Tests, more White Papers, and EPA Tests

Hydraulic Conductivity and Permeability

How Stabilizer Products Work

Field Testing Falling Weight

The Importance of Compaction plus EMC SQUARED Treatments


White Paper Report

Layer Equivalency Between
Stabilized Aggregates and
Hot Mix Asphalt

Stabilized Asphalt Millings

U.S. EPA National Estuary
Program Testing Confirmed
Environmentally Friendly


Hydraulic Conductivity and Permeability Reduced by Two Full Orders of Magnitude

Lime Treatment Tradeoffs

Effective Treatment for
High Sulfate Soils



Projects with Laboratory Test Reports

Mountrail County,
North Dakota
Subgrade Stabilization

Interstate 40 Freeway
Subgrade Stabilization

Full Depth Reclamation
Demonstration Project

Texas Highway Projects
Subgrade Stabilization


Layer Equivalency Between
Stabilized Aggregate and
Hot Mix Asphalt

Baldwin County,
Resilient Stabilized Road

Shepherd Avenue
Clovis, California
Subgrade and Base

Mendota Federal
Expansive Soil Stabilization


Federal Agency Road

Fort Carson Tank Trail and
Heavy Haul Road

100+ Miles of Stabilized
Military Supply Route (MSR)
Roads and Tank Trails

Dynamic Modulus and Repeated Load Triaxial Testing Report



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