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Make Plans Now to
Counteract Skyrocketing Asphalt and Fuel Costs

June 2022

With the price on the world market going up by the day for a barrel of oil, it’s no surprise that petroleum-based products are skyrocketing in cost, and no relief is in sight. Now that Russia and Saudi Arabia are collaborating with other oil producing countries to limit supply and further increase prices, what’s not to fear as far as how this will effect road construction budgets?

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. How will you react?

OPTION NUMBER ONE: Do nothing. Pass along the prices for construction materials (asphalt) and construction costs (diesel fuel), which are setting new record highs, and risk the project isn’t cut or canceled. If you are going to build a better road or highway project with a limited budget, there is no question that some serious time and effort will be involved, along with an open mind. STOP HERE IF THAT’S A NO-GO FOR YOU, OTHERWISE, GO TO OPTION NUMBER TWO.

OPTION NUMBER TWO: Do something different. There is a solution to problems the industry in general has long assumed were impossible to solve. Some people in the industry, however, have moved on from the 1950’s by using updated test methods, engineering services, and construction materials of the future. Where to begin? Follow these three steps:

STEP ONE – Start by using leading edge engineering and pavement design
(see https://stabilizationproducts.net/docs/18811.pdf), and materials testing apparatus
(see https://stabilizationproducts.net/docs/18813.pdf). Using the most advanced materials test methods and pavement design system will slightly increase the upfront costs for a highway or pavement construction project, however, a small upfront investment can counteract escalating construction costs that are otherwise running out of control. Modern testing methods can verify the improved performance of both the design and materials in pre- and/or post-construction.

STEP TWO – Use revolutionary stabilization technology that has proven the conventional assumptions wrong,
(see https://stabilizationproducts.net/docs/18812.pdf). Familiarize yourself with this DISRUPTIVE PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY that can reduce the design thickness requirements for the Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavement and the Aggregate Base Course (ABC) layers, and even eliminate the need for importing ABC materials to the jobsite.

STEP THREE – Review the educational materials provided here (click on photos below), then contact Stabilization Products LLC to schedule a conference call or video conference to help bring you up to speed as quickly as possible.

STILL UNSURE? How about hundreds of projects, thousands of road miles, countless proven tests, and more than thirty years of success stories? Then, go back to STEP TWO, revisit the part about reducing the amount of HMA and ABC materials required, and the part about reducing the amount of fossil fuel use associated with large pavement and highway construction projects. Big money to be saved here. Big reduction in environmental impacts too.


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