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Federal Highway Administration Lifts 103 Year Old Ban
April 2021

After more than thirty years of low-profile introduction to the Civil/Heavy Construction market in North and South America, Stabilization Products LLC would like to inform you of a product technology with a well proven history of stabilizing soil, aggregate and recycled pavement materials. We trust that you will appreciate learning about the availability of a versatile and more economical option for your design and construction tool kit. Additional good news to report for highway industry practitioners interested in advancing the profession through innovation: FHWA repealed, effective October 28, 2019, a 103 year-old ban on the use of proprietary and patented products on state highway construction projects using federal funding. This barrier to the use of Best Available Technology is now history. https://www.enotrans.org/article/fhwa-repeals-103-year-old-regulation-that-banned-patented-materials-in-construction/

The EMC SQUARED System is the ideal solution for project owners interested in improving the resiliency of their road systems at the lowest cost. This unique product technology increases the density and strength of aggregate and soil materials while retaining elastic behavior. Treated materials also function as a moisture barrier because of reduced hydraulic conductivity and lessened susceptibility to fluctuations in moisture content. Applied as additives to the compaction water, EMC SQUARED System treatments can be done without need for specialty subcontractors or specialized construction machinery. The low cost to apply EMC SQUARED System stabilizers opens more reasons to use treatments for every day construction needs, from working platform and haul road applications to aggregate reinforcement, soil stabilization, treatment of asphalt millings, and more.

For the case studies referenced and more technical information on this sustainable product technology that allows you to do more with less, please give us a call for an in-depth discussion.


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