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Binding Asphalt Millings And Recycled Pavement Materials At Reduced Cost
September 2021

Conventional wisdom has it that your choice is limited to just two types of products when it comes to repurposing asphalt millings or treating recycled pavement materials during full depth reclamation (FDR) of failed pavements. You can either treat the material with an asphalt emulsion-based product, which produces relatively small gains in strength and stiffness at considerable expense, or you can cement the material together with cement at the risk of constructing a rigid layer with cracking problems. The other conventional option is to use both categories of these two products in combination, which further increases the cost. Fortunately, there is a more cost-effective way to repurpose asphalt millings as well as mixtures of pulverized asphalt and concrete and recycled base into strongly bound materials with pavement-like behavior. With over three decades of field performance on record, the economical EMC SQUARED System Stabilizer product has proven effective as a sole treatment for recycled materials. As illustrated by the graphs below summarizing the test results of a study in a pavement materials testing laboratory, the application of the EMC SQUARED Stabilizer treatment resulted in a bound asphalt millings material that had far higher density and strength than the same asphalt millings materials treated with asphalt emulsion.


The EMC SQUARED Stabilizer can also be used in combination with cement and asphalt emulsion treatments to deliver more strongly bound materials at reduced cost, as summarized in the White Paper titled:

Stabilized Asphalt Millings Meet
Asphalt Pavement Standards

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The EMC SQUARED Stabilizer is equally effective in treatment of base course materials, delivering bound base or surface course layers with a unique combination of high modulus, elasticity and resiliency (resistance to permanent deformation) under conditions of severe loading and high temperatures, as shown in the test report summary:

Comparison of Dynamic Modulus and Repeated Load Triaxial Test Results for Typical Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Mixture and EMC SQUARED Stabilized Aggregate

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