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Characteristics of
The Perfect Base Course
What Are Your Highest Priorities?

Vol. 5, No. 2

Effectively impermeable in highway structural section

Consistently high modulus values under different loading frequencies and in temperatures ranging from below freezing to extremely hot weather

Elastic in behavior and not prone to shrinkage cracking or brittle cracking

Resilient and highly resistant to permanent deformation

High modulus value, but lower than excessively rigid cement treated base

Improved resistance to freeze-thaw damage

Erosion resistant with high level of permanence

Less costly than asphalt or cement treated base

Faster and less expensive to install than asphalt and cement treated base

Cold manufactured without use of fossil fuels for heated manufacturing processes with high carbon emissions

Environmentally friendly and suitable for projects in sensitive estuaries and riparian areas

Superior early bridging capacity over soft subgrades

Effective in counteracting differential settlement and enhancing smooth running pavement behavior



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